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What Are Your Thoughts About Green Business?

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Hi all,
We are currently developing a prototype for a new service serving the unique needs of small businesses to help them save money and go green. If you are interested, we would love hear your thoughts in our short 10-minute survey. All responses are anonymous. They survey closes Friday, March 6. Thank you for your kind consideration. - Powerful tool for creating web surveys. Online survey software made easy!

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Topic starter Posted : 02/03/2008 4:40 pm
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Re: What Are Your Thoughts About Green Business?

This did not take me to a survey it just brought me to the site

Posted : 10/03/2008 12:04 pm
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Re: What Are Your Thoughts About Green Business?

I would think most people are more concerned about making money as a small business owner than trying to go green - that can be done after you made it

Posted : 26/03/2008 10:10 am
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Re: What Are Your Thoughts About Green Business?

Depending on your business needs, you can make your business plan as formal or informal as you want. If you are applying for loans or looking for investors, you’ll want to spend a little more time fleshing out your plan and follow more formal guidelines. Thankfully, most design businesses are fairly inexpensive and easy to start. So more than likely, your business plan will be an internal planning document that no one sees but you. You don’t want to spend so much time on your planning that it takes away from actually doing, so don’t sweat writing your plan. Just do it, a little bit at a time if that helps. Now, if only I could listen to my own advice!

One of the first things you can do to start the process is become familiar with what a business plan looks like. Ask colleagues if they’d be willing to share their plans with you (minus the financial details if they want). Or, you can find many sample business plans online at places like the Center for Business Planning and the SBA’s Business Planning Section. I’ve found it pretty difficult to find sample business plans for green businesses, much less green graphic design businesses, so just look for something as similar as possible and read through a few plans to get an idea of how they are structured.
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Posted : 04/09/2009 3:21 am
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Re: What Are Your Thoughts About Green Business?

I hope that there will be a surge in CSR awareness and implementation in Singapore and this will in turn act as an impetus for the region. The ideas and discussions leading from the Summit will motivate and ingrain the values and principles of CSR. It will result in better managed companies that take into account the interest of stakeholders and a better world for all.
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Posted : 31/10/2009 3:13 am