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Video optimization help

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I am doing social media optimization and i have submitted videos on youtube,meta cafe.Are there some more good sites where i can submit my videos?

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Topic starter Posted : 28/11/2010 10:53 pm
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Re: Video optimization help

you can get a list of video promotion sites at these links.. try them:


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Posted : 09/12/2010 7:35 am
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Re: Video optimization help

Presentation are some video sites, but if you have videos on YouTube to be the best. but for best result that can bind to these videos on your site, you will benefit from heavy traffic.

Posted : 15/12/2010 11:49 am
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Re: Video optimization help

You can also optimize your video for top of the search engine whatever you choose. You can do this by using your website relevant keyword and also used title of your sites of your video . This way a look for engines robots will be able to see it and consist of it in the list of links a individual gets when using those terms on search engines.

Posted : 02/10/2012 5:31 pm
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Re: Video optimization help

Tag the video with important keywords and phrases that are relevant to the video's contents. This is particularly important on YouTube. For anyone searching for topical videos, this will help them find yours.

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Posted : 04/10/2012 8:07 am
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Re: Video optimization help

You have to optimize your websites in social media sites. And submit your Video url's in social network groups to gain more impression by business peoples.

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Posted : 09/12/2012 6:19 pm