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SEO only goes so far

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Hello, my name is Andrew and I am new to this Community.

Have been in the business for 6 yrs and I joined this site to expand my online presence and network with other professionals in the area.

Posted : 18/07/2010 1:32 pm
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Hi Everyone,

I'm relatively new to this forum, but I've been reading different posts on here and other small business forums for a little while.

Background: I recently started a website and have been doing a lot of the different common SEO strategies. I've made changes to the Titles, Submitted a few articles, Increased my content, and tried to get as much back linking as possible. The website is designed for business owners who manually write up their employees work schedules. It's a free website that allows business owners to post the work schedules for their employees online and then have their employees log in and check there schedule from the comfort of their own homes.

Problem: The problem I've found is that even though using the SEO strategies I'm ranked 8th on Google for the keywords "free online work schedule", I haven't been seeing a whole lot of traffic to my site. Part of it is to do with the fact that not a whole lot of people are searching for those keywords to begin with. I personally feel like small business owners could benefit from my site, but I don't think they would even be searching Google for that in the first place.

Some Solutions: So far I have only been able to come up with a few solutions.

1. Physically go to small businesses and tell them about my site.
2. Go to small business websites and contact them using email.
3. Joining a local Chamber of Commerce

The problem is actually going to the businesses scares the heck out of me, emailing businesses in my opinion will just come across as spam, and joining a local Chamber of Commerce costs money.

Are there any other strategies that are cost effective people have done in the past?

Thank you

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Topic starter Posted : 05/10/2011 6:42 pm
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Re: SEO only goes so far

The article should only be reprinted in a publicly accessible website and not in a members-only commercial site. - You are not allowed to post/reprint this article in any

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Posted : 13/10/2011 7:26 am
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Re: SEO only goes so far

I don't see any of those 3 steps helping your site getting good rankings in Google. Here are my suggestions that you do first:

1. Check your competitor's SEO strategy
2. Check your site status
-is it W3C compliant
-Does google webmaster tool show any errors on your page
-are my pages linked well

It's not always just about the meta tags, content, etc... it's the combination of all of your site aspects.

Posted : 13/10/2011 9:38 am
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Re: SEO only goes so far

The article should only be reprinted in a publicly accessible website and not in a members-only commercial site. - You are not allowed to post/reprint this article in any

I'm not really sure what you mean by this? I don't think I have any article in my post since these were all my original thoughts. Can you clarify what you mean?

I don't see any of those 3 steps helping your site getting good rankings in Google.

I realize those three steps don't help with SEO, that's why the title is SEO only goes so far. Those three steps are things I think could help outside of SEO. I was looking for other tips of things to do outside of SEO. What I was trying to say is, I think a majority of small business owners don't know that the type of site I have even exists, so I don't know if SEO is worth focusing so much time on because they won't even be searching for it to begin with.

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Topic starter Posted : 13/10/2011 11:39 am
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Re: SEO only goes so far

Hi Eric. Sucks when you rank high for a term - but no one is searching for it 🙁 I wasn't really sure what a "free online work schedule" was until I went to your site.

Are you familiar with Google Analytics? What about Google's AdSense tools? If you want to rank for terms for which people are actually searching, the Adsense tool is a good place to start and Analytics will let you know how your strategy is working.

I think the three things you cam up with are great. And it is scary to approach businesses. Don't worry about the SPAM accept of email marketing. If your emails come across as earnest and you appear more consultant than sales-y, you'll be fine. Same with the cold calling and face to face appointments. Remember, you're there because you want to help improve their business and make or save them money. You're a hero 🙂

Posted : 16/10/2011 8:34 pm
(@Gazin Ore)
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Re: SEO only goes so far

You need to optimize your website for a different pack of keywords. See what are the keywords that your competitors are using and imitate their tactics. Works wonders for me. I've been using SEO SpyGlass to reveal the entire strategy of any competitor and then followed the blueprint it generated accordingly, showing which keyword and at what frequency I need to add to different areas of my content (titles, headings, etc.).

Posted : 08/06/2012 1:20 pm
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Re: SEO only goes so far

First you analyze every terms from your side then ask someone and expected right answer.

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Posted : 11/06/2012 6:35 am
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Re: SEO only goes so far

my first suggestion would be to have more than one key phrase. if you were selling shoes you wouldn't only have "shoes for men" as a key phrase would you? the next thing you should do is install google analytics tracking codes on each main page of your site (obviously not the ones within the tools like schedules people have uploaded). this will tell you how people got to your site, how long they're staying, and a number of other helpful metrics.

Posted : 28/06/2012 8:14 pm
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Re: SEO only goes so far

Phase 1

Web Research and Analysis
Monitoring Site Traffic through Analytics and Webmaster tool
Monitoring Site Configuration and Detecting Malware or crawl error etc and fix them
URL Canonicalization Optimization
Robots.txt Optimization
Extending (increasing number of pages) site by a deep web research for site
Tracking index and non- index pages in Major Search Engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing)

Phase 2

On Page Optimization
Website Analysis and Competitor Analysis.
Keywords Analysis for Individual pages
Title and Meta tag composition for Site
Changing the website structure, navigation as per search engine algorithm
Alt Tag creation for All Images
Web Page Content optimization
Check the keyword Density, Proximity, Prominence and Semanticist of your keywords.
Create Sitemap.xml for Sites & Update in Google Webmaster.

Phase 3

Off Page Optimization
Directory Submission
Article Submission
Blog and Forums Posting
Classified Submission
RSS Create & Updating
Social Bookmarking for Sites
Forum Submission

Phase 4

Report Traffic Analysis and Monitoring
Web Analytics Traffic Report (Google Analytics)
Generate Monthly Search Engine Ranking Reports
Alexa Ranking Report
Website Progress Report
Monthly New Suggestion

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Posted : 29/06/2012 5:27 am
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Re: SEO only goes so far

I think you have to work on some other set of keywords. You can find those keywords by analyzing your competitor website. After finding those keywords, you have to do SEO for your website for the new set of keywords. If you want a solution out of SEO, then you can try pamphlet or flyer advertisement. you have to issues these flyers directly to your targeted customers.

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Posted : 11/10/2012 9:07 am