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Radio Advertising

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The reason some businesses are hesitant to advertise on radio is that after buying the adverts they rarely actually get to hear them on air. Many stations will sell radio ads on an ROS (Run on Schedule) or BTA (Best Time Available) basis. Since the time of ad airing is not the always the same buyers are likely to miss them.

The idea may seem maddening but in reality it is what makes ads on radio work well. People are tuned in to the radio at different times each day. Ads are caught by some while on their way to work or a hockey game or to school or some other place.

Ads on radio are great because adjusting them to fit different lifestyles is not that hard. People busy doing all sorts of activities are caught by the ads at various instances. A woman could hear an ad while shopping and a guy could be fixing the car when the clever advert comes up and he chuckles along to it.

One other option is to become a sponsor of any or all of the popular radio programs. The association of your business with the program can yield positive results. By establishing ties with the program your business also becomes popular. So when listeners tune in to the program it will also call to mind what you are selling. A linkage is then forged. Business branding is not complete without this key factor. Search for ways to make your business memorable to listeners. What was mentioned earlier can help.

You might have difficulty choosing the perfect radio stations for your business by yourself so go ask for assistance at an advertisement agency. Count on these people to come up with a custom made plan based on the positive aspects of the business and using it to select the best of the radio options available. Although ad agencies come at a price they are more than capable of stretching your radio advert budget. Business owners who only recently ventured into radio ad purchases will appreciate this. There are also radio station staff that can assist you with understanding the process more.

One of the key ways we receive information is by what we hear and radio ads are tailor made to reach us where we live or wherever we are on the road of life.

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Topic starter Posted : 06/04/2010 1:31 pm
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Re: Radio Advertising

Ya I agree with you, but I want to share my experience, when ever an ad is played on the radio, I usually do not pay much attention to it, as I usually hear radio when I am involved in some work, and actually i just listen to the music to soothe me and i actually do not pay attention...... I dnt know how many people do that, I feel Radio advertising has its drawbacks too.

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Posted : 30/05/2010 6:22 pm
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Re: Radio Advertising

Commercial radio stations make most of their revenue selling “airtime” to advertisers. Of total media expenditures, radio accounts for 6.9%.[1] Radio advertisements or “spots” are available when a business or service provides valuable consideration, usually cash, in exchange for the station airing their spot or mentioning them on air.

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Posted : 10/07/2010 1:14 am
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Re: Radio Advertising

very good option for advertising now a days most of the people love to listen radio during drive and during other works also

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Posted : 21/07/2010 11:34 am
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Re: Radio Advertising

Radio advertisement is a good option but for a local level

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Posted : 30/07/2010 7:38 am
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Re: Radio Advertising

very useful source for offline advertisement

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Posted : 04/08/2010 6:19 am
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Re: Radio Advertising

good for local market i think

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Posted : 11/08/2010 7:34 am
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Re: Radio Advertising

Yes, i agree with you. Advertisement on radio is really very beneficial and cheap and also very easy way of advertising if it used well if a advertiser has the knowledge that how, when and at which station he should give advertisement. It varies from product to product and service to service.

Success of your advertisement depends on it.

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Posted : 19/08/2010 7:30 am
roben haq
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Re: Radio Advertising

Hi Kitty.
As an prospective advertiser, I will want to know more than just how much a radio station charges. I will also want to know some of the following pieces of information.

• Who listens to your station? What is the age range? Which age group comprises your largest body of listeners? Are the majority of your listeners male or female? What is the average income level of your listeners? Do they work in white collar or blue collar professions? Knowing this information will help me determine whether or not I believe your station is the appropriate station on which to advertise my products or services.

• What is the format of your station? Do you play music or are you a talk station? If you play music, what kind of music do you play? Does your format change throughout the day? If so, how? If you are a news/talk station, tell me about your news team or celebrity air personalities. It may be that if I find your music objectionable, I may not wish to associate my business with your station. Or, if your talk show hosts are too controversial, I may decline advertising on your station for the same reason.

• Is your station involved in the community? If so, how? As an advertiser, I want to align my company with businesses that are good members of the community. It's called the "halo effect." If you're a good station, then the companies that advertise on your station must be good companies, too.

(I didn't check out the previous poster's links.) Does your rate card indicate the various price differences between early morning, Drive-Time, midday, and other times of the day? I may be willing to pay more to reach your listeners during Drive-Time (when most people are on the way to and from work and listening in their cars) than advertising at 2 in the morning because the rates are lower.

I know I have given you a lot of information here, Kitty. But in the "real world," this would be what an advertiser would expect from a brochure or leaflet from a radio station. Today's advertisers have many media options from which to choose, so unless you can provide supporting information as to why I should select your station, I may not even consider you.

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Posted : 31/08/2010 6:28 am
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Re: Radio Advertising


The most important thing in radio is the same as in any advertising - do you have a good message?

Secondly what are your advertising goals. There are two types of customers:

1. Transactional
2. Relational

The challenge is to figure out what type of customer you are going after. Many people put the most emphasis on transactional advertising - such as Val-Pak or other direct marketing or newspaper coupons. That is a huge mistake for many businesses, while you may get an immediate response, in many cases the ROI is lousy for two reasons. First you get an immediate bump from people who want a "deal" these type of customers are the least loyal and most likely to forget about you or your product and move onto a competitor the next time they have a better deal. Secondly you are getting precious little long term benefit for your brand or business awareness and reputation. In fact coupons and other price discounting can do serious harm to your brand.

When you advertise to relational customers you are dealing with people who identify with a business or brand. This type of advertising can sometimes take longer to feel the effects, but it also has more long term benefits because you are dealing with customers who now feel a relationship with you or your business and are harder to steal away with a coupon or other special offer.

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Posted : 21/09/2010 6:30 am
Mark Jackson
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Re: Radio Advertising

Radio advertisements are available when a business or service provides valuable consideration, usually cash, in exchange for the station airing their spot or mentioning them on air.

Targetability. Different radio stations have different audiences and different demographics, and use different formats to reach them all. Trying to reach teens? 32 year old mothers who work at night? Radio can probably help you out.
-Cost. A radio spot is much less costly and much easier to have produced than a TV ad, and the air time for 30 seconds on radio is significantly less than 30 seconds on TV.
-Turn Around Time. A radio spot can be produced very quickly, much quicker than a TV ad can. It can go on the air almost immediately, whereas a print ad has to wait until the next issue comes out. is the largest Social Media App Development Company

Posted : 27/10/2010 10:58 am
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Re: Radio Advertising

One good reason to look at radio advertising (again) is the ability to use SMS text messaging campaigns.

In the past, it has been difficult to track the effectiveness of a given radio spot. Today, advertisers can use a short code and a keyword that identifies the specific campaign.

This turns radio advertising into a direct response mechanism that is measurable and trackable.

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Posted : 28/10/2010 6:44 pm
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Re: Radio Advertising

AM radio call-in program - if you have some valuable things to say beyond the "sell" your business. Go all out to provide useful information and constructive. Co-sponsored a gardening show and a small audience (free). Sponsored hourly weather stamp for visibility, which is also cheaper.

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Posted : 16/11/2010 8:32 pm