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Inside The Social Networking Craze  

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If you're not already a part of the social networking craze, it can be difficult to understand what's so great about sites like MySpace and Facebook. But nonetheless, millions of people flock to them and lead secondary lives on them.

Many people maintain social networking profiles as a way to keep in touch with their friends. The sites allow you to post information about yourself, pictures, blog updates of your day-to-day life, and what sort of movies and music you are enjoying. You can instantly leave comments on your friend's pictures and information, and send messages. Whether the friend is in the same neighborhood, or on a different continent, you can keep in touch equally well.

Posted : 05/07/2017 5:13 am
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Some people use social networking site such as BizFace and LinkedIn for their business spin on things. Business networking is a popular way of gaining contacts, finding employment or employees, and finding correspondents in your industry. The principles are the same, but instead of writing about what your favorite movies are, you write about your job experience, your skills, and what exactly you are looking for.

Posted : 10/01/2018 5:17 am
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It's rather interesting to read that this post was share in 2017 when the social media craze was already reaching fever pitch levels. Today sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become so huge. Being home to over 1 billion users and supporting advanced technological features such as photo recognition and AI, it obvious that the social media giants don't show any signs of stopping soon. We can only predict how big they can continue to become or perhaps they'll usher us into a more technological advanced age in our lifetime. Virtual reality is expected to play a big role in the next coming social interaction revolution.

Posted : 15/05/2019 1:13 pm

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