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How to Resolve Rankings Drop from a DDOS Attack?

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Hello. Anyone knows the latest tools in social media these days?

Posted : 05/09/2010 12:37 pm
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Our rankings in Google just plummeted on Tuesday across the board. Pages are still indexed, but dropped very far down in the SERPs.

There was a DDOS attack on the site on Tuesday and since then the rankings went down and have stayed down, even though the DDOS attack has been resolved.

Also, this is the 3rd or 4th attack this site has seen this year. Rankings did not go down after the previous attacks. Maybe Google is sick of the site being uncrawlable so often?

How long could this penalty last? How can we deal with this?


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Topic starter Posted : 03/12/2011 11:31 am
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Re: How to Resolve Rankings Drop from a DDOS Attack?

When any search engine crawls a page that has nothing in it or if there are errors in it, chances of them placing it in a good ranking will definitely decrease. what you can do on your part is to upgrade your security to stop this kind of attacks. You can't inform google when you got attacked or hacked.

Posted : 09/12/2011 12:38 pm
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Re: How to Resolve Rankings Drop from a DDOS Attack?

I suggest You're going to just have to wait and see. But you may want to figure out ways to prevent the DDOS attacks (or minimize them) in the future as it's possible that Google will finally be sick of it being down.


Posted : 10/12/2011 4:54 am