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How to Rank Keywords

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How to rank keywords for a particular location i.e city or state without mentioning the location name within the keywords? And what should be the work strategy?

Topic starter Posted : 30/10/2017 10:09 am
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In my opinion following points are useful to rank your keyword easily:

- focus on the content to related business keyword.
- Add good and quality content in your site and blog post and insert keyword in keyword phrases
- share your article on various social media platforms and social bookmarking sites with good and attractive summery which attract users.
- share your post in groups and communities related to your post and keywords
- add your business site in business directory sites with related business keywords.
- post some good classified
- post some good article including gust posting sites, linkedin , micro blogging sites as well as info-graphic sites

Posted : 15/06/2018 12:11 pm
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If you want rank Keywords You can find the unique keyword and find most effective keyword whose are used mostly by end users. Post-Good articles, Write effective contents, write blogs, classified posting, post on social media, share your post in groups.

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Posted : 20/06/2018 11:14 am
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Hi David, I might agree with you on the above suggested methods for ranking keywords effectively. Nevertheless, I think your last method to share posts in groups won't be much as effective. Reason being most groups hate links and it wont take long before they've banned you for spamming haha.

Posted : 11/07/2018 7:20 pm
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Ranking of a keyword can be increased by
Creating a site with relevant links
Regularly update content and share it in social networking sites
Do proper research before choosing a keyword
Evaluate your competition
Check keyword difficulty before targeting any keyword.

Posted : 15/09/2018 4:57 am
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There is a lot that goes into ranking a keyword, but the biggest challenge to achieve this effectively will always be Google ever evolving algorithms, which keep on changing with every new update that is unveiled. It is possible to use SEO to rank a keyword, but you need to fully understand how it work to get good results. Also, you should learn what Google love what they do not like to avoid being penalized.

Posted : 01/02/2019 9:32 am
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You can rank specific keywords by creating well-written posts that are centered around those keywords. You can also do this by linking to websites that share the same keywords or niche to improve your visibility on Google.

Posted : 11/02/2019 3:33 am
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You can rank keywords by sharing content in as many available avenues as possible. This can be in form of written content and visual media with specific keywords that you will be targeting. For example viral videos can be considered a great way to rank particular keywords.

Posted : 18/04/2019 11:45 am
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You can rank for a keyword in two ways one is through guest posting by only ensuring you are distributing valuable content to your target domains and two is to use infographics to showcase your brand while growing an audience around like minded professionals.

Posted : 19/09/2019 4:52 am
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I find GMB is really helpful with that. It's business accurate and what you are targeting is already mentioned.

Posted : 25/10/2019 6:15 pm
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I agree, but do you think with the latest Google September update GMB will remain effective as an ideal way to market our businesses online? There was a lot of noise this may perhaps be the most transformative Google update in years. 

Posted : 31/10/2019 7:25 am
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Posted by: @bigham

I agree, but do you think with the latest Google September update GMB will remain effective as an ideal way to market our businesses online? There was a lot of noise this may perhaps be the most transformative Google update in years. 

Well, they did a change so they could accommodate businesses that don't serve customers at their physical location. Though they promised it should not affect search results.

Posted : 29/11/2019 8:55 pm
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DYNO mapper is a good tool for that. It has location tracking as well.

Posted : 04/01/2020 10:11 pm
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SEmrush is nice for that. It supports Google (you can select Google Search based on your target geographical region) and Bing search as well.

Posted : 15/02/2020 7:53 pm
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To help rank the keywords in your location first establish a Google MyBusiness directory mention for your business. Then Go on to get great reviews on your business from your customers. This would ensure that you are trying to be the best business in your field in your location.

Then build backlinks for your business without feeling the necessity to mention the name of your location in it. It is Google that will take care of your problem. You don't have to think about it much. Google, through its algorithm, ensures that it understands the difference between Local search and Global search. For instance, if a person in New York searches for a plumber on Google, then he will be directed to a plumber's website within New York. Google will not show a plumber from California. This is how Google's algorithm works.

So don't think about ranking locally. Just think about ranking with better reviews. Google will ensure regional visibility. I hope this answers your question.

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Posted : 07/05/2020 9:28 am
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