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How to increase traffic through Social Networking sites?

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Posted : 16/02/2011 6:42 am
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Nowadays, Social networking sites popularity in professional servicing firms is increasing day by day like twitter, facebook, myspace, Linkedin, Instagram, Digg etc., we can say social networking is one of the best and free ways for increase traffic on our site. Social networking is important in blogging and if you can't do social networking then it's a rare chance that you'll be successful in blogging. Leaving comments and trackbacks is part of social networking. Apart from that is part of one of the popular Social news networks.

Increase traffic through Friends
Friends are the heart of the social networking attitude, and when promoting content this can be a valuable tool in viral marketing. The more friends you have in your network, the more visibility you will have when promoting.

Increase traffic through Blogs
Blogs are one more great way to spread the word, most blogs allow you to post nameless comments. I use these blogs to post a comment then I include a link to one of my sites. I achieve a free back link for simply commenting on a story.

Topic starter Posted : 02/04/2017 1:35 pm
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Increase traffic through bulletin

Bulletins use your friends' list, basically the more friends you have the more views your bulletins receive. Common sense! Some people use bulletins way too much and if I grasp these spammers they get deleted ASAP. So my advice is to use this angle a few times a month and keep them simple, this raw move toward keeps the bulletins friendly and not to over bearing.

Increase traffic through Content

Nothing is more important than content. If you are a good writer and you write about interesting topics, you are going to do well on the social networking sites. People seem to like top 10 lists, top 20 lists, etc. I suggest that you look at to see what gets the most Diggs. I have failed multiple times on getting a post dug or stumbled, even when I thought that it was the best article ever. You don't always win.

Posted : 11/06/2017 2:33 am
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Increase traffic through clipart and screensavers

If you have some skills in this direction then try creating clipart and screensavers. Offering these for free is also a good way to get more traffic.

Finally, make sure that you are part of a few of the more popular social networking websites. These memberships will be only destined to build your own network and not of overt marketing. As your social network grows you can invite your contacts to join you on the social networking website. This should start a sequence reaction that will get them inviting their own contacts and so on. Finally, your network will grow to a point where it becomes truly helpful.

Posted : 18/06/2017 10:02 am
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Social networking sites are a good way to increase the traffic easily but, it must be systematic and optimized with good strategy. For example, you post some article and your site traffic is zero. You should be curate and share into different social networking site by using hashtag #., also social media handles in a group you can reach the maximum number of visitors.

Posted : 11/05/2018 6:59 am
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I'll agree with what others have stated above on this thread, social media platforms can be used as a way of increasing traffic to a given website. However, you need to implement an effective strategy for this to work. This has over the years been made worse due to the heavy competition that's currently witnessed on these platforms among competing brands. You need to design a social media strategy that gives you a competitive edge over your competition.

Posted : 06/05/2019 7:18 am
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Articles are a good way, you got to keep people engaged somehow and interesting articles from their sphere are a way to go.

Posted : 13/12/2019 2:13 pm
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Articles, blogs, or even simple follow/unfollow to increase followers could work if you want to promote a company.

Posted : 25/01/2020 7:40 pm
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To gain followers you'll have walk on a two way street.

If you want to build followers, know about your customer-base and know their pain-points and expectations.

Then fulfill them by making the products fro your customer base.

These social networking sites will help you to keep the customer base updated about your products and services.

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Posted : 05/02/2020 11:48 am
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To improve your social media relevance, you need to interact with your audience in a purposeful way. You need to provide relevant and satisfying content to the people.

You need to structure your content in such a way that people are left wanting more from you.

You need to create viral content as well.

I hope this helps!

Apps4Rent | o365cloudexperts

Posted : 07/02/2020 12:22 pm
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Provide value and try to position yourself as a go-to-expert in your respective field. These days people appreciate value and if you can provide this, you'll have them following you within no time.

Posted : 07/04/2020 12:17 pm