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Effective E-marketing tips

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E-Marketing Tips

10 Mistakes
Always proof read your emails. Your customers spend a lot of time researching and reviewing the quality of your products or services. One superficial mistake could make or break an otherwise done deal.

9 Email Address databases
Whether you're renting email list databases or devising your own lists you must make sure that your email addresses are current or you are wasting your time and effort.

8 Denial of Service (DOS)
Be aware of your Internet Service Providers (ISP) usage terms on sending emails. You do not want to be landed with a DOS because other ISPs may not touch you either. For example, your ISP may brand you a spammer if your email marketing program sends 10000 emails in 10 minutes.

7 Manage your campaign
Always have a means for recipients to Unsubscribe to your emails. These should go to a separate email address. Be aware of which emails designs are working and which are not. Test specific designs across different email browsers to ensure cross compatibility.

6 Separate email addresses
Be aware that you will need a number of email addresses if you are proceeding with an Email Marketing using your own system. For example, noreply for sending messages. Unsubscribe email, etc. This depends on your setup. Ensure that your web hosting company has supplied sufficient email addresses on your account or upgrade as required.

5 Seek expert advice
If you're at tip 5 and all this is starting to sound a little daunting to you. If you'd prefer to just get on with doing what you do best and run your business and are happy to let an experienced Email Marketer do what they do best then hiring an expert may provide better use of your time and budget.

4 Small sample trial
Test specific designs across different email browsers to ensure cross compatibility. If you're sending 10000 emails in total then test 1000 for bounce rate.

3 Measure your success (or failure)
1% or 2% is the norm from permission based Email Marketing campaigns. Learn from your failures. Was your design unsuitable for the target market. Were your company colours used for maximum effect and brand awareness? Did you use too much text? Inappropriate images? Is your data quality? What percentage of your emails were opened? What percentage even reached a valid email address? All of this can and should be measured to track the marketing campaign's success.

2 Targeted prospects
Don't send email to just anyone. You've gone to the trouble of targeting a particular market so stick with that market. If you are purchasing data is the best to purchase only what you need. You wouldn't go into a supermarket and buy every type of fruit and vegetables if you onyl eat apples, bananas, kiwis and cabbage would you? So don't buy all data that is available. This is not only expensive but is also inefficient and more of a hit and miss approx. Your Email Marketing campaign must be realistic and managable depending on your resources.

1 Legal
Adhere to the Email Marketing laws of your country. You should make yourself very familiar with Permission Based Email Marketing (try Googling the term). If your email marketing campaign is international then research and keep up to date with the particular law of the destination country. Specific country laws are outside the scope of this article but feel free to contact us with any queries.

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Re: Effective E-marketing tips

Very nice tips thanks for sharing.

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Re: Effective E-marketing tips

Hi guys

1. Make it easy to subscribe. If you have a brick-and-mortar shop, you might have users sign a guest book to keep them up-to-date on events and special deals.

On a website, invite users to enter their emails for future discounts or promotions. Remind them you will not sell their information.

2. Use a transparent "From" name. A message from a trusted brand — The Apple Store, for example — is less suspicious than something from "admin[at]"

3. Don't waste the subject line. This increasingly separates opened messages from trashed ones.

If you are a news site, use it for eye-catching headlines: "Google Avails Free Wi-Fi to US and Canada." Marketing a product? Use the subject line to share news about discounts: "Stay sunny for spring. Half off floral handbags this week."

4. Avoid abbreviations, slang and hyperbole. You don't want to sound like a ****** vendor. Phrases like "Make money fast!" and "$$$" are also verboten.

It may help to study your own spam to see what words or phrases convince you an email is spam in the first place.

5. Minimize imagery. An email whose graphics take too long to load is a time-waster. And some people opt not to display images in their email settings.

6. Label the imagery you have. This way, people reading your message in text format know what they're missing if it happens to be valuable.

7. Include a visible call-to-action above the fold. Make it clear what you want the reader to do. Sign a petition? Visit the website for more information? Buy now? If you are ambiguous, they will not take time to guess.

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Re: Effective E-marketing tips

The E-Marketing is Best Way to Promote Website and Good Method to Marketing.For E Marketing Some Tips are Below

1. Include a Call to Action
2. Customize Your Message
3. Watch Your Stats
4. Targeted prospects
5. Seek expert advice
6. Email Address databases

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Re: Effective E-marketing tips

Thanks for sharing some of your thoughts about E-marketing tips.
This would be a great help and a great method for promotions specially for new build sites.

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Re: Effective E-marketing tips

It is always a way to order and e-mail recipients. These should go to an e-mail. Be aware of what the e-mail and working models which are not.

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Re: Effective E-marketing tips

Professional model - you should try to send professional looking template instead of just generic e-mail. This model should reflect the fonts, colors, and several other branding elements on your website and business. With this approach, recipients recognize your business, and this approach will also generate a feeling of confidence.

Posted : 19/02/2011 4:07 am
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Re: Effective E-marketing tips

Here are some tips for eamil marketing....
1 Always personalize - The headline doesn't need the reader's name in it, but it helps. You should always use their first name in the greeting of the email though.
2 Use personal stories - Tell stories (they don't need to be real) that you can relate to an idea you're getting across. You will sell more product and get more link clicks this way.
3 Try to use the reader's name at least once in the email - This one isn't 100% necessary, but it helps keep it friendly
4 Create a plain text email with no more than 60 characters in a line, then put it into the HTML email area of your email program - you can track opens this way
5 Do an email series once in a while, it keeps readers engaged and wanting to hear what you have to say in the next email
6 Train your list to know that you're going to be offering them something in every email, even if you only have a link to your product in your signature.
7 Keep track of your history - watch what types of emails/subjects get the best open and CTR rates.
8 Send free things in the morning, and paid things in the evening, more people buy after work than during."""

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Posted : 19/02/2011 11:38 am
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Re: Effective E-marketing tips

It may help to study your own spam to see what words or phrases convince you an email is spam in the first place. Minimize imagery. An email whose graphics take too long to load is a time-waster. And some people opt not to display images in their email settings.
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Angel Smith
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Re: Effective E-marketing tips

Thnaks lot all friends sharing the important tips..

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Re: Effective E-marketing tips

1. Make a good e-mail campaign
2. Customize Your Message
3. Be updated
4. Always seek Experts Advise
5. Build up your mailing list.


Posted : 01/03/2011 12:37 pm
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Re: Effective E-marketing tips

Reader's attention with too many graphics do not. Graphics can slaughter the readers attention at the time. Accentuating its text but put too much graphics really can destroy the entire message in your marketing materials can help. Make sure you focus the essence of its content with text and graphics are not.

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Re: Effective E-marketing tips

I can only say thank you so much. These are the great share.

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Re: Effective E-marketing tips

Email marketing is a great way of developing a long term relationship with your target market. It allows you to communicate with your potential clients and customers to promote your products or services. If you serve their needs and treat them respectfully, in return they'll become your loyal customers and friends for life.

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Re: Effective E-marketing tips

Email marketing is used that using email to spread your marketing messages. Email marketing is very effective as most of the people depend on it . Effective E-marketing is only when you give consumer proper detail about your marketing, it should be easy to understand, simple and fast process etc ,through which more consumer get attracted.

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