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Article Marketing Tip

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In present if you can not make customers expectations fulfil on time than you cant be success in your business. so here are some tips for do the work in proper speed.

1. Realize that the swiftest competitor, not necessarily the smartest, is often the winner in today’s marketplace. Speed is increasingly of the essence, no matter what business you are in.

2.Respond to sales leads quickly. One small business requires staff members to follow up within the hour, by email, fax or phone.

3. Get comfortable with rapid, strategic decision-making. Five-year planning horizons are out the window.

4. Compress your timetables. One Internet start-up rolled out its expansion efforts in a reduced-time span of 45 days instead of the originally planned year, beating out competitors.

5. Make speed a part of your corporate culture. Reward employees’ swiftness with stock options, bonuses or other perks.

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Posted : 23/03/2010 3:56 am
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Every blog or website needs traffic. Without traffic, you cannot gain revenue. Article marketing has high potential for consistent targeted traffic. Make a checklist of the following article marketing tips.

The following are 5 article marketing tips:

Article Marketing Tip #1 Submit Frequently

The more articles you post, the more traffic you will get. Submit articles often and consistently. The more you post, the more you will be seen as an authority figure. You will also win a lot of search engine traffic as Google crawlers love frequent posting and up your rankings.

Article Marketing Tip #2 Resource Box

Create a resource box with high ctr keywords. Make an interesting resource box so people will be driven to click on your link. Inform them of some kind of benefit, like more information on your blog about the topic relating to your article.

Article Marketing Tip #3 Flow

Write with good spelling and grammer. Keep your sentences to the point and make them flow well. Reread your articles to make sure they sound as best as possible. Use engaging elements like lists or bold tags to keep readership and grab attention.

Article Marketing Tip #4 Shorter Articles

Short articles work better than long articles. Your readers are not coming to your site to read a book assignment. They come to learn something quick and to the point. Shorter articles work better than longer ones and have a better chance of driving traffic to your link.

Article Marketing Tip #5 Links

Create high quality links to your articles. It will help in Google page rank and therefore, increase your visitors.

I hope these article marketing tips help!

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Topic starter Posted : 11/01/2011 1:46 am
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Re: Article Marketing Tip

Since you have already spent so much time writing your articles, it would be good to reuse. compilation of articles for an ebook and distribute them either via your website, or via safe-lists to your list. Give your readers the right to distribute. This is viral marketing at work.

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Posted : 18/01/2011 5:41 am
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Re: Article Marketing Tip

Hello Friends..........

Article Marketing Tips

1.Information, Information, Information Don't ever forget, the major reason anyone is reading your article is for the information. Make sure your articles have at least some! The more timely, the better.

2.Keep It Short And Simple Writing for the web and ezines is different than writing for off-line publications. Keep your writing brief and write in short paragraphs. Be concise. Be precise. Talk directly to your reader and trim any unnecessary fat. Be lean and meaningful.

3.Put Your Reader's Major Benefit In The Title Always put your readers first, give them the main reason they should read your article in big bold letters at the top of the page, i.e. in the title.

4.Take Full Advantage Of Article Directories Kick-start your articles by submitting them to popular online article directories. These already have a large clientele looking for your articles.

5.Use Autoresponders For Your Articles Set up all your articles on autoresponders. Have a Master Autoresponder -- listing all your articles. Automate your genius.


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Posted : 07/06/2011 5:31 am
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Re: Article Marketing Tip

You want to make sure your item is not boring and that makes a person continue reading the article by telling the reader what they will learn and how they benefit. When the structure of his article with the key points I just described, you have more readers.

Posted : 10/06/2011 4:15 am
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Re: Article Marketing Tip

Article marketing can also be used to send visitors to websites or blogs which contain classified advertisements. you have to consider some factors life keyword density, unique content these makes your article more readable.

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Posted : 02/08/2011 6:20 am
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Re: Article Marketing Tip

* Write a High Quality, Original Article for Your Website.
* Rewrite the Original Article & Submit to
* Submit Your EzineArticles Article to Other Major Article Directories
* After you have published your article on either your blog or on authority sites, it’s now time to build backlinks on your page.

Posted : 02/08/2011 7:13 am
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Re: Article Marketing Tip

Thank you for sharing this wonderful information.. You really know how to grab people attention because when I started to read I wanted to know what will be in the end.

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Posted : 02/08/2011 11:06 am
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Re: Article Marketing Tip

Article marketing is good to increase traffic and page rank of your website. Your article should be fresh and with good quality. You must submit your article in perfect category as per article topic.

Posted : 15/11/2011 10:20 am
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Re: Article Marketing Tip

Thanks a lot for share useful information in this site...Article marketing can also be used to send visitors to websites or blogs which contain classified advertisements. you have to consider some factors life keyword density, unique content these makes your article more readable.

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Posted : 16/11/2011 6:55 am