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What Franchises Will be Successful?

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Re: What Franchises Will be Successful?

I like all the posts here and also do agree. Another key to being the owner of one of the most successful franchises, considering the initial learning curve of getting the business started, is the ability to both give and take direction.

Posted : 31/01/2012 9:13 am
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Re: What Franchises Will be Successful?

The top 10 franchises for 2011 are:
Hampton Hotels
7-Eleven Inc.
Days Inn
Denny's Inc.
H & R Block
Pizza Hut Inc.
Dunkin' Donuts
Most of them are in the food industry or in hospitality industry so I guess this is one of the best options (of courses that still depends on the location, market, etc.)

Posted : 01/02/2012 10:35 am
Gary Barzel
(@Gary Barzel)
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Re: What Franchises Will be Successful?

Whilst franchises such as Dunkin' Donuts and Burger King might be the most successful examples, they are not necessarily a success in all cases.

A successful franchise needs the same as a non-franchised business - owners who know and understand the business, solid marketing strategy, suitable location, understanding who your customers are and what they want etc. It would be a mistake to assume that all franchises can /will be a success.

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Posted : 06/02/2012 11:12 am
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