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Tips on Hiring Quality and Reliable People

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1. Before you hire employees, examine your own skills. Hire to complement your skills, not duplicate them.

2. Assure yourself plenty of applicants by casting a broad net. Interview applicants in a structured way by asking all applicants for a job the same questions.

3. Draw applicants to your Web site by placing the Web address in all advertisements.

4. Use an 800 phone or fax number as a toll-free way for applicants to contact you.

5.Offer a signing bonus─anything from $25 to $2,500 could be an incentive to help bring on a fence-sitting applicant. This is a common practice for "super starts."

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Re: Tips on Hiring Quality and Reliable People

The tips you have shared are really very nice and useful.Keep sharing your informational views like this.
Thanks for this post
keep sharing

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