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Tips: How to Manage Virtual Relationships

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Here are some of the best ways to manage virtual relationships.:

1.Make sure you’re up to speed. Good hardware, software and training are the tools you need to make virtual relationships work.

2.Structure your workday so information can be easily shared, discussed and exchanged.

3.Don’t let the technology get in the way. If email technology isn’t working, quickly default to the phone or a letter.

4.Remember, people do business with people─not machines. Always keep up with your networking contacts.

5.You’ll need another set of skills when you use nontraditional means to communicate: writing must be concise and thoughts must be closely linked.

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Topic starter Posted : 17/03/2010 3:23 am
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Re: Tips: How to Manage Virtual Relationships

Hello Friends,
Last week Jake wrote an awesome post about leveraging relationships for link building and it got me thinking. Seeing that I am a hermit who lives in front of the computer, how the heck do I build links without those daily “real-life” relationships? Well, believe it or not, I do actively build links with relationships without meeting people in the flesh and wanted to share some of my tips and tricks for doing this across my social media networks.The main thing to remember is that if you are helpful and can provide value to someone else, it is basically a virtual handshake and a way to fire up your virtual relationship. Simple things like a vote, comment, re tweet or even just praise can strengthen your relationship.
1. Make it Easy for People to Contact You:-Put your instant messaging name up on all of your social profiles so that you can connect. Internal messaging on many social sites is lackluster, and getting someone’s IM name can allow you to get in touch when you need to. A few tips for messaging would be to create a separate account for your “public IM name” so you won’t overload your personal account with voting/favor requests. Also, create an account on all of the main messaging platforms. Many people prefer using Gmail over AIM, or Yahoo! over Gmail, so set it all up and use a service like digs by or pidgin to neatly manage it.
2.Allow People to Easily Find You:-So now we see the power of people who are actively promoting social media content, and how targeted they can be for links. To expand your networks, make it simple for people to find you across all social networks. Place your Digg profile link in your Stumble Upon profile description, and include your Twitter account in your Digg profile. The more places where people can find you, the more relationships you are going to build.
3.Act Like You Would in Real Life:-When a person finds your IM name from a social network, many times they “say hi” by sending you a link in which you should vote on. This is one of the things that amazes me on a daily basis. I rarely meet any people who try to get something from me without even saying hello. When contacting people, you should try to really connect with them. Say you met someone from Stumble Upon, subscribe to their favorites and let them know when you really liked a story that they found.


Posted : 18/03/2010 1:33 pm
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Re: Tips: How to Manage Virtual Relationships

Hi guys

* Clearly define project goals -- Starting out with a clear project goal, and clearly defined individual goals can go a long way towards avoiding future conflict within the team. Since workgroups are dispersed across geographical boundaries, it is very easy to lose site of the ultimate objective of the project unless care is taken to clearly define expectations at the very beginning as well as at various points throughout the project.
* Focus on individual members -- This may be the most important factor in determining virtual team success. Conflict is sure to arise if care is not taken when considering individual makeup of the virtual team itself. Technical skills, work styles, communication skills, and even personality all affect a persons ability to contribute to a virtual teams overall success. Technical competency is not enough. If an individual does not possess the interpersonal skills necessary to effectively communicate and manage conflict virtually, the project could be put at risk.
* Establish structure -- Once the project goals are set and the individual team members selected, structure needs to be established. This step involves clearly defining individual roles and accountabilities, establishing communication standards and rules, and establishing project milestones. These standards need to be carefully monitored with regular feedback and review sessions. Individual team members must have a clear understanding of what their roles and responsibilities are so that personal accountability is built in. In addition, because of the dispersed nature of virtual teams, establishing clear rules of how communication is handled will go a long way to limiting conflict.

Thanks for all friends

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Posted : 23/03/2010 4:25 am
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Re: Tips: How to Manage Virtual Relationships

Hello Friends,
1.Develop trust with all of your virtual team members. Let them know that you respect them and that you know they will do their best work for you. Support their independence to make decisions when they have to. You will not always be around to police everything they do.
2.Be available to the virtual work team members. Let them know they can contact you if a problem should arise.
3.Encourage team members to interact with each other. If they build a rapport, they will feel confident to help one another.
4.Make sure that virtual team members have the appropriate technology and resources to complete their projects successfully. Equipment should be in good working order. Be sure that virtual employees are trained to use equipment and resources properly.
5.Establish goals and responsibilities for virtual team members. Clarify what is expected of them. Develop timelines for the projects they are responsible for completing. This will help them stay on task.

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Posted : 23/03/2010 10:26 am