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The Success of Wechat Mini Programs in 2017 Depends on Country Email List These Four Aspects?

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At present, the applet is slowly iterating and advancing, but the full prosperity is still waiting for a suitable time. It has been a month since the Mini Program was released on January 9. The Mini Program has gone from being popular at the beginning to being Country Email List a little quiet at present. The popularity of the Mini Program has decreased a little. The current Mini Program ecology has some such things. situation: The use frequency of pure online mini-programs is not high, and Country Email List the advantages of pure offline mini-programs have not been fully reflected Some small program developers find that it is not so suitable to copy the set of APP and simplify it into small programs Some developers have stopped updating due to the fact that the current development of WeChat Mini Programs cannot support operations. One thing is, Mini Programs are really not suitable for all types of products.


Therefore, some people are worried about whether Mini Programs cannot support an ecosystem. In fact, the author believes that these are not enough to affect the development prospects of Mini Programs. On the contrary, this cooling-off period will give us more room to think. I mentioned in my previous article that Mini Programs "focus on products and win in innovation", and this view is not outdated until now. Although there are still some problems with WeChat Mini Programs at this stage, this is just a conservative attitude under the deliberate control of Country Email List the WeChat team, which does not mean that WeChat will not open up more capabilities of Mini Programs in the future. So, the success of WeChat Mini Programs in 2017, I believe, depends on the following four aspects: 1. The success of WeChat mini-programs depends on the open program of WeChat.


We must know that WeChat still holds many unopened weapons, such as: recommendation traffic, search traffic, circle of friends traffic, custom menu traffic, social relations, message push, etc., some of which may be restricted by Apple Or the balance of interests, when Country Email List WeChat is released will be adjusted according to market changes. The currently open interfaces are only basic functions and performance guarantees. No matter which interface the WeChat team releases, the enthusiasm for embracing Mini Programs in the market will be instantly ignited. It is Country Email List believed that WeChat has adjusted the Mini Programs in the past year and will have more intensive iterations in 2017. No one can predict What big moves will WeChat come out with? According to my communication with the Mini Program team, there will be some new adjustments to the Mini Program next to open up more scenarios and reduce the development cost and threshold for access.

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