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How to measures Business Economy?

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Hello everyone!

My name is sweety and I'm a new member here, I like it so far

eventhough I'm not very familiar with all the sections here..

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Posted : 08/10/2009 9:34 am
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There are a number of ways to measure economic activity of a nation. These methods of measuring economic activity include:
• Consumer spending
• Exchange Rate
• Gross domestic product
• GDP per capital
• Stock Market
• Interest Rate
• National Debt
• Rate of Inflation
• Unemployment
• Balance of Trade


Topic starter Posted : 23/06/2010 6:33 am
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Re: How to measures Business Economy?


The small business economy in the United States is larger than most economies worldwide. In these articles, we examine the interplay between small businesses and the economy. We also look at economic principles and events and how they might impact small businesses.

# Make Supply and Demand Work for Your Business. Understanding the pushes and pulls of supply and demand can enable you to create a business model suited to your company's strengths. This article briefly goes over how simple economics can play a real life roll if your business planning.
# Introduction to Demand. As an entrepreneur, you probably spent some time trying to figure out how demand works, especially for the products that you are selling. This article will teach you the very basics of demand.
# The Law of Demand. As an entrepreneur, you probably spent some time trying to figure out how demand works. Lucky for you, economists have already done some of the thinking for you. This article will help you understand the law of demand by introducing the law of diminishing marginal utility, the income effect, and the substitution effect.


Posted : 25/06/2010 7:53 am
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Re: How to measures Business Economy?


we can measure the business production of company,cost of production,how many cost to be people who doing the the work in the company.
we can calculate the annual report of the production,annual report of the profit etc.many ways to measure the business economy.


Posted : 28/06/2010 2:42 am