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How do you install the HP OfficeJet Pro 8022 Printer?

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The HP printer is undoubtedly one of the best printers on the market. And usually, whenever you think about setting up a HP OfficeJet pro 8022 printer, you think it will be a tedious task. But it is not true. If you follow the given steps, then you’ll be able to install the printer easily.

How do you install the printer?

Step 1 Remove all the tapes and unpack the printer.

Step 2 Then you will have to connect the power cord to the printer and turn on the all-in-one.

Step 3 Select the language and region you prefer.

Step 4 Load the plain paper and install the cartridge.

Step 5 Then align the cartridges.

Then the HP OfficeJet Pro 8022 printer will start to print as soon as you align the cartridges

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The procedure for HP Officejet Pro 8022 printer setup:

  • Open the HP Officejet Pro 8022 printer package.
  • Take the printer and accessories out from the new pack.
  • Uncover the tapes from the HP Officejet Pro printer.
  • Take the USB cable from the package.
  • Connect the one end of the power cable to your printer.
  • Plug the USB cable another end to the power outlet.
  • Then, power up the electric outlet to turn on your HP printer.
  • Adjust the settings on your HP printer.
  • Place compatible sheets in the HP Officejet Pro printer tray.
  • Insert the cartridge slots with suitable ink cartridges.
  • Connect the devices with your connectivity setup method.

Finally, print a sample file to ensure HP Officejet Pro 8022 Setup.

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