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Home-Based Business — Market Your Product ??

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1)Word-of-mouth: This type of promotion is particularly valuable for a home-based business because it's free. Be sure the word passed is favorable.
2)Business cards:A professionally printed card is an asset to almost any business. Include your name, address, phone number and products or services you provide. An attractive logo can also enhance the professional image you want to project.
3)Letterhead and envelopes:Printed letterheads show your customers that you are a professional business person. Use the same logo and design as is on your business card.
4)Brochures:A brochure can be well done and still relatively inexpensive, depending on the size, number of colors used and whether or not there are photographs.
5)Direct mail:This technique can be valuable if you have the right mailing list. You have to know your market. At the start of a business, you may have to purchase mailing lists.
6)Newspapers:Contact your local editors about the possibility of doing a news story and feature story on your new business. Pay attention to the types of stories carried in the newspaper. A news story would be pegged on the fact that it's a new business.
7)Radio and television news:Your local radio and television stations may also be interested in a news or feature angle. Also try to get yourself on any talk shows.
8)Newspaper ads:There are two types — display and classified. Display ads involve some design and artwork. Your newspaper advertising representative can help you with this.


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Re: Home-Based Business — Market Your Product ??

1)Know Details Which are Beneficial to the Business
2)Target a Specific Audience:Knowing what the target demographic is for the product you are advertising can help you write copy which appeals to that audience.
3)Know How to Market:When writing copy, you should make the product desireable by doing 2 things:
*highlighting the features of the product
*overcoming any objections that the buyer may have
4)Keep Promises:Honesty is refreshing, so don't promise something that the product won't fulfill. It's silly to say something like "Buy this lunchbox and your marriage will be saved," for instance.
5)Write for Your Product Category:Depending on the item you are promoting, write accordingly as described below.
Luxury Goods: The copy for this type of product tends to be long to accommodate the specifics in terms of price, benefits and appearance.
Convenience Products: Requires little effort to write because of the high demand for product. Short in length, copy is precise and to the point.

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Re: Home-Based Business — Market Your Product ??

Hello Friends,
It's important to understand some basic marketing terms so you'll know how to go about finding customers and prospects and how to secure their business. Whether you personally perform all of your home business marketing tasks or have someone else perform them for you, at least you'll understand what's going on and why it may or may not be important.
You have your own online home based business if you do one or more of these things to make money…
1. You make money at home by selling products. These can be products that you created yourself or products you are selling as an affiliate.
2.You earn money online from selling (flipping) websites or blogs that you have created or purchased and fixed up.
3.You make money from selling adverting space on your websites or blogs.
4.You make money online by selling articles or content that you have written.
5.You make money with Ad sense on websites or blogs that you have built and got ranked highly in the search engines.

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Re: Home-Based Business — Market Your Product ??

1. Print up some business cards with your URL featured prominently. Leave them at restaurants, on the community bulletin board at the supermarket, in public restrooms, and hand them to the person sitting next to you on the plane. The word will get around.
2. Send out a postcard or two. Postcards announcing your new website can be sent to friends, relatives, business acquaintances, and old flames, even the ones you broke up with. A postcard is more likely to be read than a form letter. An online postcard service, you can use, is SendOutCards
3. Print up some flyers. Hand them out at public events. Check with local laws in your city to make sure this is okay.
4. Put an ad in the newspaper. Believe it or not, people still read the classifieds. You can pick up a visit or two that way.
5. Make an announcement in the local shopping weekly. Usually only costs a few dollars and will reach a market of folks who look for all sorts of things, maybe even stuff you have featured on your website.
6. Invest in some promotional materials.

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Re: Home-Based Business — Market Your Product ??

The primary purpose of marketing an online business is the promotion of a good or service. Online marketing makes extensive use of the available tools for getting web users to purchase a product or service from a website. The website owner who wants to become acquainted with those tools should consider contacting an online marketing agency.


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Re: Home-Based Business — Market Your Product ??

I noticed that most of the tips here are off-line marketing strategies. Although some may regard it as "old school", as there are tons of online marketing strategies nowadays, I believe these strategies are often very effective for a business. It would also help if you can provide a billboard or printed tarpaulin of your business for more visibility to customers.

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Re: Home-Based Business — Market Your Product ??

1. Prioritize your tasks ahead of time. By scheduling your tasks in order of importance, you can devote more attention to your most pressing tasks. You can prioritize your day so that you do not spend five hours answering email, while the rest of your duties slide.

2. Set goals for your day. As you plan your day, set the goals that you want to accomplish. Although you may not get through your entire to-do list, try to set and meet reasonable goals each day.

3. Instruct your family. "Family interference" is one reason some home-based businesses are unproductive. Your family must realize that even though you are at home, you are still “at work.” Sit down with your family and make sure they understand you need this set amount of time each day to run your business.

4. Do not avoid overtime. When you first start your home-based business, you may need to work extra hours to get it to the point of running smoothly. If you have to work ten hours a day instead of eight, do not be afraid to invest this extra time.

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Re: Home-Based Business — Market Your Product ??

Online marketing become really valuable nowadays. For online product marketing, the best way is to create a forum on your web page. Through it, you can get individuals to talk about products and services offered by your company as well and you can understand your customers’ demands.

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Re: Home-Based Business — Market Your Product ??

Let's talk a second about what is NOT an effective Internet . When it comes to finding effective Internet it apparent that everyone with e-mail access has a solution that you can easily buy from them at a bargain price. One that only if you follow their precise instructions to the T, purchase advertising space from the specific services recommended by them and of course scoop up the secrets right now you can achieve Instant success. I am here to let you know that all you are doing is making them rich when you spend your hard earned marketing budget purchasing useless marketing resources.
Please do not misunderstand I AM saying that ALL of these one page ad websites are designed to do is rake in the big bucks on your high hopes and childhood dreams of success. Although tempting they are what I refer to as the easy road. They offer you everything you can imagine and a bonus, convince you to buy and then fail to inform you, yes the are extremely wealthy now but off of you. Think about like this. What incentive does a company or service have to share it's Internet marketing service?is easily the most competitive market today and most companies keep effective methods of Internet advertisement out of competitors hands. The only methods an experienced Internet marketing expert relies on are these days are big dog names and services that pack a reputation and solid service backbone. We are talking about names like Google, Bidvertiser, AdBrite and MySpace and many more. If you use these services with a savvy budget-wise mindset then you will achieve success. PPC Advertising, E-Mail Advertising, Classified Ad are all effective methods of Internet marketing that are used by the big dogs and achieve them outstanding results, so why would anyone not consider them for their Internet marketing?

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Re: Home-Based Business — Market Your Product ??

Everyone looks for the way to make money online. I think home based business does not require any investment. Even more people are making the decision to begin working from home. Completing surveys from home is a good way to earn extra cash and get free or discounted products and services.

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Re: Home-Based Business — Market Your Product ??

The first thing you must do, however, is some basic market research. Find out for yourself, first-hand, just how many people there are in your area who are interested in your proposed product or service, and would be "willing to stand in line and pay money for it." This is known as defining your market and pinpointing your customers. If after checking around, talking about your idea with a whole lot of people over a period of one to three months, you get the idea that these people would be paying customers, your next effort should be directed toward the "detailing" of your business plan. The more precise and detailed your plan - covering all the bases relating to how you'll do everything that needs to be done - the easier it's going to be for you to attain success. Such a plan should show your start-up investment needs, your advertising plan, your production costs and procedures, your sales program, and how your time will be allocated. Too often, enthusiastic and ambitious entrepreneurs jump in on an extra income project and suddenly find that the costs are beyond their abilities, and the time requirements more than they can meet. It pays to lay it all out on paper before you get involved, and the clearer you can "see" everything before you start, the better your chances for success.

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Re: Home-Based Business — Market Your Product ??

It is a rare case in marketing when a product has appeal to everyone regardless of ***, age, income level or special interests. The more typical case is that a product will appeal to a limited group of people who are willing to put down their hard-earned dollars to buy what you have to sell.

The basic question to keep in mind as you develop your marketing plan is: Who would want to buy the type of product I make and how can I develop it to be saleable to these special people? Once you define your market, you often have to modify your product to fit that market.

Sometimes the answer to this question is clear and logical. Often, however, a business person has to do some research and experimentation to find the answer. Many a business has failed because people didn't consider this obvious but critical question: Who is the market?

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Re: Home-Based Business — Market Your Product ??

Hello chris
the tips you have shared are really nice and genuine. keep sharing your informational views like this.

Thank you for sharing
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Re: Home-Based Business — Market Your Product ??

1)Mailing Labels - Email Signatures: Every e-mail you send out should have an automatic signature at the bottom with your name and contact info, AND information about your business product or service! Every mailing label you send out, even on bills that you are mailing to your telephone company, needs to have a business promotion that can tell everyone who handles that piece of mail something about your business.
2)Ask for referrals before you start work
After you sign up a new client, but before you start work, ask them if they would be willing to provide you with a testimonial if you can meet, or exceed, their expectations. Do not wait to you have completed the work. Prepare them in advance.
3)Creative Media Promotion - Media Expert:You have information and experience that most people may not have access to, so you are an expert! Make sure the local, then national, media knows that you are available to give background information regarding your area of expertise. Send press releases out that are newsworthy and interesting for public news consumption.

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