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Beta Testers needed for new strategy consulting tool for small businesses

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I created a strategy portal where it should be easier for entrepreneurs and small businesses to get consultancy how to manage a company without hiring expensive consultants, study an MBA or reading 100 of business books. Actually I tried to put all MBA reading down to one easy navigating site giving guides and easy steps to: management, strategy, marketing, process optimization, innovation and HR and employee career management.

I need help from beta testers for my new strategy portal, specially designed for Small businesses. As Entrepreneur and a one man part time small business all help regarding tests and inputs will be very much appreciated here in the pre-launch phase.

Sign up for the free access here:

Please give feedback, inputs and recommendation on everything you feel like. I cannot promise everything will be used but I can promise all inputs will be very much appreciated.

Add your comments in this thread – send me an email, by using the request feature function on the website or rate content function in the support box when logged in.

Thanks a million for your help.

Topic starter Posted : 13/09/2012 6:00 pm
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Re: Beta Testers needed for new strategy consulting tool for small businesses

This lastest release has confirmed what Oddible said.
Either Squad does not have enough beta testers, or they had bad ones.
The SAS bugs are so glaring it is ridiculous, even now I do not have a high confidence that Squad believes they are real.

Posted : 28/08/2013 7:48 am