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Benefits of Barcode Technology in Industry

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Here are few benefits of barcode technology which are very useful in different-2 industry like:

1) Barcode technology provides fast, accurate data capture reduces paperwork, errors and labor costs.

2) With the help of barcode systems functions are updated online in real time, even short-interval batch updates make data available faster. timely reports showing product receiving, labor hours by function, cycle counting and other important purposes are readily accessible.

3) Barcoding technology can help streamline processes and reduce costs in warehouse fulfillment operations.

4) It provides you better department performance and post individual results which enhances productivity.

5) For using barcoding training is often easier and less time consuming because the processes are streamlined and defined in accordance with the warehouse's standard operating procedures and overall best practices.

6) Barcode-driven systems can help standardize how department managers plan and control work. The result is having the most accurate, complete and timely data possible to make well-informed decisions.

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Mr Lonny
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Re: Benefits of Barcode Technology in Industry

I am in IT, and like any industry/job it can be very boring too, so consider that.

In terms of training, steer clear of those advertising on TV - like computeach and the like; as they have no weight in the industry, and I've never worked with anyone who has been trained that way.

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Posted : 27/12/2011 9:50 am
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Advantages of Using Barcodes
Barcodes are efficient
Bar codes permit faster and more accurate transfer and recording of information benefiting the track of work in process or the movement of assets more quickly and precisely. Significant time can be spent tracking down the location of assets, instruments, materials, anything that moves within a location or between companies. Bar codes can help speed the processes and improve the tracking of these items, saving your organization time in response to inquiries and change, because you can track exactly where items are.
Barcodes save time
Depending on the application, the time-savings can be very significant when a bar coding solution is successfully implemented. Often the most dramatic examples involve the tasks of inventory. One SATO customer required a crew of 25 employees working over a weekend for mid-year inventory; once they implemented bar codes this was reduced to 4 employees completing the inventory in 5 hours. Routine daily operations have a positive impact in saving time and resource as the use of bar codes expand and improve productivity. Consider another SATO customer who professed processing a shipment of 10 cartons of their product to a retail outlet customer. Previous to them embracing a bar code system; it took approximately 2-4 minutes, sometime more, to write down product codes and product serial numbers compared to 10 to 20 seconds now to scan the bar codes - and without numerical, description transposing errors. In a large operation this lead to significant reductions in time.
Barcodes reduce errors
Clerical and data entry errors can bring irreparable damage to a business leading to: higher freight costs, unhappy customers, and enormous time used to track down problems. In some situations, clerical errors can have a much more dramatic impact; as example the critical importance of data and product accuracy in pharmaceutical, patient safety or blood bank applications. Errors here can be irreparable to a business image and reputation, and in many instances bring about legal ramifications. We know the typical error rate for human data entry is 1 per 300 characters. That's a crushing statistic leading to potentially millions of lost profits across business sectors. Bar code printing and scanners are much more accurate; the error rate can be as good as 1 error in 36 trillion characters depending on the type of bar code and printing solution used.

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