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Do You Have An Idea For A Niche?

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to quit that 9 to 5 and work from home? Try, it may be easier than you think!

Everybody has something that they are good at or know a lot about, this is called your niche.

"Niche - a position particularly well suited to the person who occupies it".
(Source )

So what could be your niche?

Maybe you are a good organizer. Working parents are finding it increasingly difficult to spend time at home; let alone organize a party for their child. Become a children's party planner. Do some research in your area, the local children's indoor play areas, parks, leisure centers, anywhere that you can think of that would hold a party. Offer your services, perhaps leave flyers at schools, nurseries or even playgroups.

Develop a Niche Product. In 1980, Mandy Haberman's daughter was born with a condition that made feeding difficult. So, she set about designing a feeder for children with sucking problems (The Haberman Feeder)

This is a classic example of sticking to what you know. This lady had a problem, which she understood fully. After researching the market for a product she found there wasn't one. So, after having to use some improvisation to feed her daughter, she went ahead and invented a product herself.

The same is true of Internet Marketing, find a niche and stick to it. Develop products and ideas based on your knowledge. It gives your work greater credibility because you can write with true authority on the subject.

Are you good at writing, reading or giving out advice. You could become a Writer, Editor or even a Consultant. Some people have a goal for the number of articles that they want to send out and may not have the time or ability to check them for typing mistakes, spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. This is where you come in, you can write, edit or give advice on articles, writing books or even weblogs. They could even send you their handwritten version and you could copy type it and send the finished version back to them. Check out to see what services people are asking for to see if you can match them.

Topic starter Posted : 16/01/2017 6:12 pm
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Thanks for asking Guru1,

We have a Design Studio and create Graphical Designs for a wide variety of products.
On the platform we use for selling many of our products we can do keyword research
to discover products that have less competition.

For example in the drinkware category there are many Coffee Mugs, a category with
a little less competition is Panoramic Landscape Mugs is a little less competition.

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Posted : 09/02/2017 9:47 am
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The idea for a niche I have now is selling on Amazon. There's are a lot of friends on Facebook I know that are killing it right now. They source cheap and fast moving products from factories in china for sale. This is worth looking into for what it's worth.

Posted : 22/08/2019 7:31 am
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The only idea for a niche I see working or has a lot of potential is voice optimization. With rapid development of voice devices such as Alexa, Google assistant and Siri, this market is project to grow in the next coming years. 

Posted : 23/10/2019 8:19 am
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With the internet world today, it's really easy to make some ideas happen. For example, there is a Youtube critic that started because he and his friend critiqued movies but noticed other Youtube critics don't delve into more in-depth critique, so he started a channel and became successful there.

Posted : 29/11/2019 9:01 pm