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Okay, now I require your help on the treasure trail

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Okay, now I require your help on the treasure trail. It takes some time to OSRS Gold finish. My problem is ...(drumroll )... I have trouble getting tham back to the way it was. Even when I try to change lvl of clue scrolls, I get a it's a nuttin. I dont have one in the inventory nor in my bank account.

Please respond if you can. My issue is ....(again )....... I need urgent cash. I'm running out of cash so I was hoping someone could give me some ideas. For more information, see the stats below. There are no guarantees that you'll find a clue scroll. It could happen after 5 kills or 500 kills. It could be possible that you're just on an unfortunate streak. If you keep at it, you will eventually be able to get one.

And If your RS status is Freeplay, you won't be able to receive clue scroll drops, because they are members-only drops. However, I will assume that you have not changed your RS Status.

In terms of making money I've always considered running to Old School RuneScape Gold be the most effective method to earn some money. Although it's not possible to craft the most advanced runes like natures or enchants airs with lower levels of difficulty are still profitable. However, it will take long and can be quite tedious. Alternative options include learning woodcutting until level 60 with the draynor. Next, you can cut yews, which can be very profitable.

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