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5 Tips on Where to Find Employee Training

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Check out the Internet for convenient, cost-effective Web-based courses. Start with Internet service providers like America Online or the education sections of such portals as Netscape and Yahoo!

Contact state and local development agencies. Some of them offer training programs in order to attract and keep businesses.

Investigate programs offered by local universities, community colleges and *****-education programs.

Hire teachers or consultants to provide training at your place of business or off-site. Get references first.

Ask corporations. Many offer instruction on the software they market or the equipment they manufacture.


Topic starter Posted : 23/06/2010 8:10 am
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Re: 5 Tips on Where to Find Employee Training


Here are more tips

# Instead of sending your team to an outside training course, where you have to buy a ticket for each person and pay for travel expenses, find a comparable video training program to bring in house. You can train an entire room full of people for the cost of one video.

# Enroll your group in online training seminars. Similar to purchasing a video, you can train many for the cost of one and avoid those pesky travel expenses.

# Find trainers within your organization. In any organization there are those who already play the trainer role. Develop your in-house resources with “Train the Trainer” training programs.


Posted : 06/07/2010 4:08 am