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Want to open up a new Fast-food franchise!?  

New Member

Hey guys, here it i, I'm a college student and I have ambitions of opening up my own fast-food franchise.I guess I need to know the following:

1- How much capital would I need to open up and run at least one maybe two fast-food locations?

2- What should I be studying in college to be best prepared for a career as a fast-food business owner?

3-How difficult is it to actually succeed in doing this and how long will it take to actually begin making profit?

4-What states or cities have the best reputation for being fast-food restaurant friendly or in other words, where is it least cut-throat in opening and succeeding with a new business?

5-And last but not least, I am over 100k in school debt already and my credit is as bad as it can almost get, so how could I go about getting the capital to do this besides more school loans?

Also, if there are any great resources that experienced people could share with me or links or what have you, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks everyone

sumvision cyclone

Posted : 14/05/2010 12:38 pm