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Tips to Get Small Business Funding  

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I feel as though a lot of accountants have been more hesitant to leverage the power of social networking for marketing (i.e. the MySpace effect) than professionals in other sectors. Therefore, I wanted to list three sites which can be very helpful in terms of both driving traffic to your website and also helping people find you:

1. CRAIGSLIST - It might seem obvious, but many people don't use it. If you have a special to announce or want to introduce your practice to a local online community, create a free post. Be sure to include a link to your site if you have one.

2. MYLOCALSPOT - Like a MySpace for small businesses, the site is very easy to use and lets you create a free profile. Include pictures, a description of your practice, a link to your site, your specialty areas and any current specials. Edit your profile at any time so you can keep clients up-to-date with what's happening with your practice.

3. BLOGGER - Easy to use site that let's you create a free blog about your practice. Use it to keep current clients up to date with the latest about your practice. Be sure to link to your site.

There ya go...embrace technology!

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Posted : 07/05/2009 4:37 am
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For many start-ups, obtaining funding is essential to growing and expanding their small business. But acquiring small business funding is not necessarily a cakewalk - it takes time, effort, and patience to find a solution right for the business. But for those small business owners who put forth the time and effort, funding can usually be found right around the corner. Here are some tips that can help your small business get the funding it needs:

- Prepare a comprehensive written business plan. Before businesses are able to obtain funding, they must illustrate to investors and lenders how they intend to acquire new customers, market their product or services, and subsequently make a profit. The more detailed, thorough, and convincing the plan, the greater your chances of receiving funding.

- Show how you plan to start making a sizeable profit in the least amount of time possible. Most investors probably are not interested in a business that cannot turn a profit within a specified amount of time.

- In a similar vein, clearly define your target market. This market should be big enough and have the purchasing power needed to help the business begin producing a profit shortly.

- Illustrate the competitive edge your product or service has over the competition. What makes your business better? Why should consumers purchase what you offer over something comparable for cheaper? You must be able to demonstrate this to potential lenders if you expect to get money.

- Don't neglect the finances. Any good business plan includes the financial details of the business. How much does it cost the business to operate (total and itemized) and how much is needed to further grow the business (or how much are you seeking in funding)?

- Map out financial projections for the company in one year, five year, and ten years. These projections should cover best and worst-case scenarios.

- Make sure you show the personal investment you, as the owner, have made in the business - known as "sweat equity." If you don't believe in the business or haven't put forth commendable effort to make it the best you can, then you cannot expect prospective lenders and investors to.

- All small business funding plans should include a brief synopsis of all employees. This should include the role of each, their salaries (and projected pay in the future), and why they are vital to the growth of the company.

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Posted : 06/05/2010 9:49 am
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Re: Tips to Get Small Business Funding

Anytime you request any funding for your business, whether that be from a bank or a private investor, they will always request a business plan. Not only does the business plan help to illustrate exactly what your business is and expects to achieve, but it also shows the lender that you are serious about your business and about accepting the challenge of owning your own business. Whether your tackle the challenge of writing your own business plan or paying a writer to prepare it, ensure that it is realistic and correctly portrays your business.

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Posted : 07/05/2010 1:53 am
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Re: Tips to Get Small Business Funding

Potential lenders and investors want to be sure that the “dollars and cents” of the deal make sense, and that’s why realistic projections are important. Most entrepreneurs underestimate the amount of money needed for start-up. Don’t get caught short!

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